Does anyone else have trouble Wrangling Kids at Bedtime

‘Okay, pyjamas on please,’ I say for the third time, watching my eldest, jump naked from bed to bed. My youngest is pretending she can’t hear me as she busily closes the blinds.
‘Girls, pyjamas,’ I say, but apparently, I’ve moved to that magical realm where I don’t actually exist right now.

I go back into the loungeroom.  I light the candles on the coffee table and light the fire.  I burn through 6 matches before it catches.

‘What are you doing?’ asks my youngest enticed out by the light.

‘Are you in your pyjamas?’ I ask chasing her back into the bedroom.  I sweep her up off her feet and throw her back down onto her bed.  She giggles and rolls away from me but I keep hold of her foot.

‘Pyjamas,’ I say, putting her shirt over her head.  She laughs and squirms before surrendering.

‘Can you read my story first?’ she asks.

‘Okay,’ I say, pulling her pink thermal pants up over her hips.

‘Then my song is first,’ says my eldest, hopping under her blankets.

‘Yes, I say.’

One thought on “Does anyone else have trouble Wrangling Kids at Bedtime

  1. I was a single Mom with three kids, five and under! It was like Thing 1, 2, and 3! I’m glad you laugh and enjoy those wriggly kids! Sometimes I would get crabby. It really is best to do how you do, sounds like you are a “parent pro!” 😊


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