About Me

Hi! I’m Rachael.  Originally from Melbourne, I now live in Amsterdam.

a bit about me:

‘B.C.’- or ‘before children’, as my husband likes to say, I worked as a therapist and as a yoga teacher.   Then I had children, and of course, everything changed.

Now I’m a writer and a blogger.

what I like to write about:

1. Relationships:  Family, Love, Children, Friendships and the whole wonderful and ofttimes messiness that happens in the space between people.  How we live it, how we love it, how we move through it, how we create freedom… to be who we are, and to let others be who they are… (is it just me, or is that just so, so tricky!)

2. This thing called Life: how we live it; the meaning we attach to it; how we find joy; creativity; travel and adventure; rewilding; the art of slow; consumerism and waste; community versus individuality; how we connect – with ourselves, with each other, and with nature; loving big; the small things; the big things; the judgements we make (about ourselves, and about others); our values; our philosophies; and those often hard-won precious jewels, the personal lessons we learn along the way.

3. Health, Nurturing, Self-Compassion:  because I think it’s all interrelated. What we choose to eat and how we eat (30 chews for every bite, seriously!), medicine, stress, how it affects our gut microbiome, (gelatine, probiotics, bone broths, oh my!  Yes, I’m a huge fan of them all!), and how it affects our mental health.  Ayurveda, oil pulling, the 100’s of ways there are to use coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and bicarb soda, my weird passion for turmeric, and for fermenting (just ask my family about all the scoby’s I’ve tried to foist on them over the years).  Yin yoga, sleep, full body relaxations (or as my yin yoga teacher likes to call it, boddhitating), saunas, sleep, massage, and oh, did I mention sleep (oh, the bliss of uninterrupted sleep)?

Welcome to the little stories from my life wandering through the great metaphorical forest in search of (and desperately seeking to understand the) mystery.

I’d love to hear about your wanderings, send me an email