The simple joy of making biscuits

‘Are they ready yet?’ Asks my daughter as soon as she slides the chocolate biscuits into the oven and closes the door.  She hasn’t even taken her oven mitts off. 

‘Not yet, they need 10 minutes.’ I say.
‘Oh,’ she says pulling up a chair and sitting down to watch her chocolate biscuits cook.  The girls have a little oven in their kitchen.  It’s at their height and the dials are easily used by them.  It sits on a cupboard I found out on the street, which has since been painted and repurposed as their kitchen bench.   

She is making chocolate biscuits for when her friends come over to play.  She made invitations for them yesterday and hasn’t quite understood that it can take a little more time than this for her friends to actually appear at our house. 

‘Is it 10 minutes now?’ she asks a minute later. 

‘Lets make the ganache.’  By the time the biscuits are ready, there is more ganache on her face than in the bowl.  She decides not to wait for her friends to arrive before eating the biscuits.

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Delicious, Organic Food, Noordemarkt is a Food-Lovers Paradise

‘You’re going to like it in Amsterdam,’ says the text message from my husband three months before we fly out. He is already there, having flown out just after New Years.

Photos of a market flood through, fresh fruit and vegetables. ‘All organic,’ he says. And a butchers display. ‘Organic!!’ he says.

‘Looks good,’ I type back, followed by a list of questions I have for the butcher, about the type of cuts, and the farms he sources his meat from.

‘I’ll do my best to find out,’ says my husband but I know he won’t ask the questions, it’s one area in which he embarrasses easily.

‘This is the organic grocer that’s walking distance from our house,’ he sends a little while later.

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