Our First Halloween

‘Mama, I need green,’ says my eldest as she cuts the paper plate into a circle. 
We tape the black hat and orange paper hands she had already cut out, onto the plate to make the witches hair, and then she draws a face, with a big pointy nose.  For some reason, witches have pointy noses.
‘There!’ She says with pride, sticking it to the wall. 

It is the first Halloween we have celebrated.  My daughter’s teacher is American, and so we are learning to embrace American culture as well as Dutch, and Peruvian.  Ignoring my daughter’s tendency to pronounce ‘tomato’ with a short a, rather than the longer ah sound that I am used to, this multicultural approach to living is proving to be richly rewarding and a whole lot of fun.   

Our house is now completely overrun with pumpkins, toilet-roll bats and paper-doll ‘ghosties’. 

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